Magazine Gitz no.5
Art on Paper


148 pages


 | Catherine Wagner
Interview | Theresa Ganz
Retrospect | Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Interview | Jangjibang
Interview | Seungchul Lee

Published by Datz Press

Seoul, South Korea

Images courtesy of Datz Press



Matter and Imagination

A concept of art that has not been materialized is likely to bring questions.
When a structure is built from words and images that are floating in the air, an expression is formed. The beautiful detail that we see here is quite robust. By materializing our ideas, we can see and touch the glittering beauty of our spirits.

The 5th edition of Gitz – “Art on Paper” – brings unique stories of paper/books/photographs that are centered around the characteristics of visual arts. In this fast and rather shallow world, it is becoming more and more challenging to deal with analogue and its properties, especially if lacking conviction and perseverance. Even to an artist: who make things, it is not an easy thing to do.

A tree that endures the times of stress to properly spread its roots is made into paper and books that house our imagination. Before we even think and dream, we encounter the words on paper. These words are firmly ingrained in our hearts. A photograph – image of light – tells a story of our time as matter and paper come together.

The process of creation is very exquisite, but often hidden; it is embedded in the body of an artist whose hands (body) and sprit come together as one. Even when our world is in flux, the temperature of human body remains constant. The human body, I believe, is more honest than anything else I know.

In a world of eternity, we are floating in imagination. When our feet are far from the earth, we are overtaken with tiredness and exhaustion. Recognizing the value and how liberating it is to imagine, I continue to have faith that cultivating an honest land, slow but firmly, is an alternative.

– Publisher’s Letter