Magazine Gitz no.4
Tracing Light


128 pages
ISSN  2093-7970


|  Linda Connor
Interview |  Klea McKenna
Interview |  Ben Nixon
Interview |  Chris McCaw
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Published by Datz Press

Seoul, South Korea

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Tracing Light

“Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.”

-Ecclesiastes 11:7



Seeing the light with our eyes is a beautiful thing.
Do you remember the light that first greeted you at the time of your birth?
With the very first breath, there is life’s first light that divides existence from non-existence.Death probably is…our way back to the darkness as light exits our body.

A photograph is a trace of blessing where light touches one’s life.
I think it is very important to remember the true essence of photography, because it makes us re-think about the meaning of light that is captured in our lives. Moreover, a photograph is our desire to put significant meaning to life’s ordinary moments. The moment that light touches the world’s beauty, life turns into a poem.

Photographers are magicians, holding a black box and standing right between the light and the darkness.
They speak to the world using the secret language of light. To them – life is where light and shadow meet and intertwine together.
And an ordinary moment is reborn and given a name when captured by the eyes of a photographer.

The 4th issue of Gitz introduces four photographers from the American West. In a world that seeks fast and convenience, here we present four photographers who are going back in time to capture the true essence of photography.
The light that enters their window somewhat resembles the light that we first encountered at birth.
The light and the darkness – being alive – wonderful and yet mysterious.
Being able to see the light’s drama captured by these four photographers is truly an amazing thing.

– Publisher’s Letter