Katie BullockFor the Most Part


Katie Bullock

For the Most Part, 2018

graphite on vellum

8.5 x 11 in. unframed

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Revisit Katie Bullock’s exhibition at outside: Life in Velocity Gradients
KATIE BULLOCK has been capturing and cataloging moments for close to a decade, driven by the complexity of truth that simple note-taking can offer. Each moment Bullock documents is entirely original in character, born from an incalculable amount of variables in space and time while inhabiting a multitude of scales. From a seemingly minuscule peripheral happening to an undeniably humbling cosmic event, each occurrence belongs equally to the same unceasing continuum of phenomena that form our daily lived experience. These “everyday” occurrences offer insights into the mysterious, stir a boundless reverence for the miraculous, and give rise to an overwhelming sense of wonder.
In addition to collecting moments, Bullock captures fragments of texts by tracing with graphite on small sheets of semi-transparent paper. These excerpts, partial yet profound truths, come from a wide variety of sources, ranging from 19th century scientific texts to technical manuals to current research in theoretical physics and philosophy. Each selection references the greater whole it is sourced from, while establishing a resolute individuality freed from the text’s original context. Bullock has accumulated over 1,500 drawings, and this catalog of disparate texts has formed a new context, yet another limited body of knowledge collected in an attempt to understand the surrounding world and the relationships that make it up.
Katie Bullock (b. 1990, Ohio, USA) received her MFA from the Glass Department at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2016 and her BFA from Ohio State University in 2012. Recent exhibitions include Throwing the End Inwards (Again), Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence RI (2016), Throwing the End Inwards, 741 Westminster street, Providence, RI (2016), Language Vs. Language, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI (2015), Glass Triennial, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI (2105) and Above/Below Ground (with Mark Dion and Ay Does), Academia Fisiocritici Museum, Siena, Italy (2013). Recent publications include ‘Wonder: 50 Years RISD Glass’, RISD, Providence, RI (2107) and ‘Explode Everyday: An Inquiry Into the Phenomenon of Wonder’, Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA (2016). Katie current lives and works in Providence, RI.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in